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Posted on: November 19, 2009

“In the Valley of Mist” or something like it – you know, the book that I said I was reading – is a highly recommended read for someone like me who has no idea what the hell is going on in India/Pakistan and what peace talks really mean over there. This one gives a pretty good picture. It’s nonfiction but it’s also a personal account, so it doesn’t induce sleep (actually I wanted it to induce sleep… I need sleep…). I’m half way through the book, but the reason why I can’t remember the title too well is because I’m always fumbling with it in the dark with my tiny LED book light clipped to the cover.
Here’s how reading while nursing in bed works:
latch the infant on
make sure infant is happily nursing
pull book out from under pillow (make sure infant doesn’t see it because book is yet another highly desired object right now, just mom’s book, not any book).
attach book light to back cover
completely cover the light with hand, then turn it on (to ensure darkness)
find the page where I last left off
hold book so that no light shine on infant’s face, hold it in the most awkward uncomfortable position imaginable
to turn page, fold hand to cover light then turn page
then release light

I can only read for up to 30 pages in this fashion, then my shoulder/arm go numb and I must stop.

Oh yeah, I got the title right. Amazon is great for this sort of things.


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You will need to upgrade your glasses if you keep reading like this.

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