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6.5 hours out

Posted on: November 22, 2009

idlehouse: done w/ h1n1 vacc for mayo
idlehouse: stood in line for 3 minutes
idlehouse: nurse la(m le kim
idlehouse: me said “could you tell me if this vaccine by chance has mercury or not?”
idlehouse: nurse: “yes, mercury”
idlehouse: me: “uh oh, you mean just traces of mercury or the full load…”
idlehouse: nurse: “no… no… it.. it has mercury”
idlehouse: me: “is there anything else I can ask for? do I have any other option?”
idlehouse: nurse: “wait, let me check… oh here [went to the icechest in corner of room and pulled out a vial] we have just 1 dose of the preservative-free vaccine left”
idlehouse: me: “yay!!”

The whole thing took us less than 15 minutes from the moment we arrived to the moment we were out of the door. May did so well, she only protested just a bit after the nurse pulled out the needle but stopped as soon as i hugged her. It helped that she sat on my lap the whole time, facing Son.
Since the whole thing was so quick, we stopped by on the way home to see an old colleague of Son’s who just had a baby in August. That baby is loooong. I mean, he must be May’s length, and May is supposedly 90% for her height. May actually interacted with the baby and tried to touch him. May fell asleep on the way home from Harrisburg (the closest county health center where we could register her for the vaccination), so we drove on to Maryland, went past the Hmart and she was still asleep, so we continued on the Baltimore Pike or whichever biiiiig street that was, and discovered that Lotte mart was just a few miles down the road from Hmart. That was when May woke up, and as we have not had any food, we stopped by the Asian Food Court or something like that for dimsum. Let’s rename that restaurant Asian Salt Basin. Holyshit that was a lot of salt they put in their food. EVERY SINGLE dish was so damn salty.
We brought our own booster seat for May, got her situated in the restaurant next to the fish tank, and she was an angel through our entire leisure meal. She was the dream kid I saw all of my life in restaurants where the kid sat happily and quietly observing everything around her, eating whatever the parents give. Yay May!

From the restaurant, we went for a quick stop at the Hmart to buy some fruits, then checked out the new yogurt place that just opened up next to the market. I got a strawberry kiwi yogurt smoothie that was pretty good. You can make this at home, resembles a thick lassi: frozen vanilla yogurt + ice + strawberries + kiwi, blended, served. Yum. That, at least, washed away all the salt that Salt Basin served us.

From there, we filled up on gas (Elicot City has gas that’s about 6 cents cheaper per gallon compare to York) and then headed home. May was not a happy camper on the returning leg of the journey. I tried my best to entertain her, and as long as I kept everything plus the kitchen sink coming, she would not cry, but if I pause for a tad too long or repeat the same old trick 1 time too many, she protested. Then I smelled a dirty diaper so we had to make a stop over at the border of MD and PA. I nursed her for a bit, then we got going again, but May was still cranky. We got home just a bit before 6pm. I took May straight into bed, she ate a huge meal and then slept fo 3 hours. I had the mind to let her sleep for the night, but then she got restless at 9pm and I figured I needed another meal, a shower, and a toothbrush, so now we’re up.
After her 3 hours of nap, May can *almost* crawl now. Really. She’s getting the hang of it. I have a video to prove. A very very dim video…
May is 31 weeks old today, go May go!


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