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roooocky start

Posted on: November 24, 2009

let me see…
1st missed flight = thought it was the next day
2nd missed flight = pouring rain on freeway+cop car in lane+slow parking bus
then we got:
reaaaaaly huge people standing in the aisles so i couldn’t stand up to rock May to sleep
someone took a look at our row and said “OOOOH BABY!” AND SAT DOWN INSTEAD OF GIVING US THE MUCH NEEDED SPACE THOUGH WE SAT AT THE VERY END OF THE PLANE (oops caplocks was on but i’m not retyping that w/ 1 hand)
Friggin’ latch system for the Britax seat took 45 min to install on car (sighsss)
May = 6 hours sleep deficit; 3 missed meals (didn’t feed well on the go); running on borrowed battery and possibly solar power by 11pm CA time.
My poor baby was still smiling for show but soooo tired she passed out for 6 hours last night befored pooping this morning and my diaper change woke her up.
Not a recommended method for testing babies’ ability to STTN, but it gives me hope that soon I can chase this dear daughter to such level of exhaustion and go out to enjoy the night life in York leaving Son home to watch over the passed out babe….

Oh, and our damn apt flooded last night.
Someone really doesn’t want us in CA or something….

May did very well considering how exhausted and uncomfortable she was. The plane was toasty hot, in a bad way.


1 Response to "roooocky start"

wow…rough start with the holiday…hopefully everything will get smoother…oh..is this the first time May sleep for 6 hours straight?

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