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happy first thanksgiving sweetness

Posted on: November 26, 2009

Last year this time I uploaded my first pregnant photos of you. You were so tiny I couldn’t fit into maternity pants yet but all my regular pants didn’t fit neither.
This year I look at you sleeping next to me at night and marvel at the difference between the two Thanksgiving. I’m so very very glad to be on this side of the timeline, with you.
You continue to pass out at night, not quite 6 hours, but must have been a good 3-4 hours that you did last night. Or maybe more. I didn’t have a clock to look at so I don’t know. Naps are barely touched during day time. We have been trying so hard to get you your needed rest, but an hour here and 40 minutes there get you to rub your eyes and yawn like there’s no tomorrow by dinner time. And long car rides turn you into a wreck. You cried for more than 1 hour last night, bitterly, in the car, between your two parents. Unconsolable. I let you watch the screen saver, the picture slideshow on tv, let you play with my glasses, with ice, with my camera, with my wallet, I ran out of things to pull out of the bag for you, but you were beyond distraction at that point. You cried and rub your eyes and grabbed my sleeved looking at me through your tears, it made me nauseous with anxiety. We stopped brieftly at your aunt’s house to show you the little wiener dog, and you were happy and squealing, but as soon as we placed you down into the carseat again, you wailed. We have never ever traveled late at night with you, especially while working with a sleep deficit, hence you had never have to cry for so long. My poor baby.

The last 3 days you have mastered sitting up on your own, and can crawl better now. You have met so many new people this week, and everyone say you are such a happy, alert, social, and active baby. We went to my old work place for luncheon where you got passed around without any fuss. We went to O^ng Ba` Tre?’s house where 20 different strangers carried you and said wow this baby is easy. Ha ha, only O^ng Tre?, who spent 4+ hours on the freeway picking us up and delivering us to San Jose (making 2 stops along the way at my request) saw “the ugly show,” and your aunt, who drove us home last night, got an extra special dose of it.

All things considering, you have been eating well, sleeping well though not as much as at home. Last night we did 10 hours of sleep. Thanksgiving dinner is going to be long, so I will take a long walk on campus (which should be very quiet today I hope) to make sure you get at least 2 hours of nap before 3pm today.

For the rest of the week, we have Oakland Zoo playdate lined up for Saturday and before heading down to LA next Tuesday. You only have 1 more full day with your father, poor him.


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