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3rd Thursday of the month every month

Posted on: December 17, 2009

we took the Metro to Little Tokyo in Los Angeles for lunch – Ramen in that Daikokuya shop that’s always sporting a line of people waiting at all hours to be seated for awesome ramen goodness – they served my bowl a tad salty today actually, but very yummy and much less salty than other ramen I have tried in other shops.

May slept for 40 minutes on the way to Little Tokyo – on the street and on the train. Then she ate with us in the shop; bread for her and ramen for us. After lunch, I needed somewhere to sit down and nurse May, so An said let’s try that Japanese American Museum right next to the Metro station. We went in, looked around… Admission for general public = $9.00, but the people at the desk greeted us and said today is the third Thursday of the month, admission is free. GREAT.

We found a nice couch in a very quiet and discreet corner near the restroom on the 2nd floor of the museum (nursing mothers take note). After a brief meal, we packed up and looked a round. They were running the Giant Robot exhibition, so An and I were all, “So, where’s the giant robot ? Where??” then, “Ohh… here here, if you look at this painting, I can make out the giant robot, see ? There’s the head, here’s the arm, he’s holding this girl….” One staff member couldn’t take it any longer and felt compelled to enlighten us. Giant Robot is actually the name of the Asian pop magazine that is now celebrating its 15th year. This exhibition is showing the arts of many artists who were featured in that mag over the years…. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH. You mean we could stop looking for the giant robot in every painting?
May liked.


8 Responses to "3rd Thursday of the month every month"

Aww, May is so cute. I am assuming it’s May mom in the pics?

WHATTT? that shabby woman? She is just a maid!! May’s mom is always chic and glamorous to the toe! Nuh-uh!!

you cut your hair, bòn?

dda^u co’ dda^u, to’c bo`n da`i tha thu+o+’t qua tha(‘t lu+ng ma` !!

úi, em được khen mà còn lại chảnh đến thế!

nên mình đếch thèm khen..

chỉ yêu và khen em May nhà mình thôi.

tu*o*?ng ba` maid na`o thie^.t chu*’ hahaha..j/k. I really like short short hair like yours but my face isn’t suitable for that style…

LOL @ the Giant Robot decoding.
My husband is actually a fan of their T-shirts, with a robot that looks like it was made out of scotch tape!

May is so chubby! how cute!
And i spot the new hairstyle, hehehe…

Merry Christmas nha` chi I!

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