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calling it luck

Posted on: January 1, 2010

having missed my flight in November resulting in crazy last minute scramble of an otherwise carefully planned trip; having lost my wallet for the nth time, 50 bucks in it, important cards and document; having yet heard back from god re:my wallet; having contracted this awful cold; having superglue all over the face of my cellphone; what can i call it, at the end of the day, except “luck” for these being superficial things, and – deep breath in – as long as we are all heathy and alive – breathe out – right?


bye bye december – i’m no longer 30 – we didn’t say happy anniversary to each other on the 17th (not the 1st time)

so long 2009, the year whose days  i’ve never lived through the likes before (come yo think of it, 1999 was also a rollercoaster ride wasn’t it?)

but i think i always come out ahead … attached to a body… alive….(haha get it?)

farewell 2009.

1 Response to "calling it luck"

welcome to the 30s…

sau 30 thi` cha? ca^`n dde^’m tuo^?i me. gi` nu*~a cho me^.t. Cu*’ cho la` 30 ma~i ma~i.

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