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Posted on: January 10, 2010

I took apart our bed frame on Saturday and put that away. We are now sleeping on the futons placed on top of May’s play mat. I remember wanting to buy that bed frame very much and was obsessed with obtaining that frame for our home in York. It was a very nice solid wood frame too, and it made me feel better about living in this neck of the wood. But since the baby gear invasion last April, I’m at the point where I don’t really give a damn anymore. I just need the house to be as empty as possible to make baby proofing more palpable. Next on my list: decide whether or not I want to replace the crib with the playpen, take apart the baby swing and return to chi. Oanh, return a bunch of other infant gears to chi. Oanh while I’m at it to clear the house for possible moving, reorganize May’s clothes because she is now moving onto 12-18M size.

May has evened out a lot since last month. I encourage her to be as active as possible to improve her sleep maturity, and as the result, she’s less chubby now. She spends 1/2 of the time crawling and 1/2 of the time pulling herself up. She’s not so much an explorer at the moment, she’s more focused on challenging herself to the next level. She has been trying to stand on her own for 2 weeks now, not terribly focused, but I have caught her doing that every now and then. She’s not even that fast of a crawler yet, but that doesn’t seem to deter her from trying to walk.

The last 5 weeks have been devoted to separation anxiety where if she senses that I’m about to put her down, she would protest loudly. It’s not helping her cause that she cries so funny, with lots of babbles thrown into the mix to make us laugh a good bit before we come to her rescue. O^ng ba` no^.i have taught her to respond to the command “la`m xa^’u” (make face) and also smacking her lips. I’m pretty sure she can do many more things if I would only teach her. But as is, I’m content to make her move around and climb different heights in an effort to exhaust her by bed time.

Knock on wood, her sleep has gotten better and I hope it’ll stay that way. She went from waking up every hour (which was driving me insane) to sleeping 2-5 hour stretches, and her sleep seems to be deeper too. I coughed my lungs off 2 weeks ago and she was able to sleep through 1/2 of the time. She is a bit congested at the moment due to a cold we both caught after Christmas, let’s hope that’s the last of it for this season.

No teeth yet. Yup. Still gummy at 8.5 months. We’ll see if those teeth would come in before her 9 month WBV. That doesn’t stop her from eating everything she fancies. When she sees me with a bowl of noodles or rice or whatever, she will wave her arms excitedly and if I don’t respond fast enough, she’ll smack her lips and grab my food to emphasize her enthusiasm. I’m still not consistent with setting her solid food meals. I just feed her here and there, but I’m committed to at least 3 tbsp of solid food per day now that we are back in York.


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