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has it been 10 days?

Posted on: January 16, 2010

California seems like a dream so far away. Somebody has been sleeping badly. Make that two of us, one following the other’s lead. What did I say about sleeping better? Scratch that. Some mornings I’m so groggy from a bad night of wrestling matches that I just stayed under the blanket as May crawled out and made a beeline for her toy bin. She can actually play in that one spot by herself for up to an hour, then when she starts to cry, I simply collect her, tuck us both back under the blanket and attempt to nurse her to sleep.

I just found out that parents bring young children into the children’s area of the public library to play, so if I just show up, chances are May will get to watch kids playing with the train set that the library provides. This month Son takes the car so if we go somewhere, it’s either on foot or by bus. I managed to get us to
Borders for story time last Wednesday by bus, though we were 15 minutes late (story time is 1/2 hr).

Finished reading “Short Girls” by Bich Minh Nguyen in 2 days. I enjoyed it tremendously. Oftentimes, when I read minority fiction, I always feel the theme of STORY OF AN IMMIGRANT FAMILY constantly screaming into my face. Jhumpa Lahiri is an exception to that, and now, Bich Nguyen is too. I think Trang might enjoy this book, not just because she is short :p. But then again, I think anyone looking for a good read will walk away from this novel feeling that they have got their money’s worth. For one thing, the details of the story is unpredictable and the characters are well fleshed out. I like it that I didn’t know where the story was going up until the end. It’s not quirky, it’s just the author being conscious of how immigrant stories have been written, and I think she tries to avoid those pratfalls. I think she’s succeeded.


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