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buying a car

Posted on: January 22, 2010

lessons from the pro:

chi tran: you can go to this website http://www.truecar.com/index.html, they list for the true price that people are paying out there. And from there, you can get the pivot price point that you want to negociate.
idlehouse: thks
chi tran: we got our MDX for $7K below MSRP
idlehouse: wow
chi tran: chi plan to mua xe moi ha
idlehouse: yeah
chi tran: tinh la xe cua hang nao chua?
idlehouse: lugging baby out of  2 doors compact is bad
idlehouse: honda fit thoi
idlehouse: chi ra dealers may lan ?
chi tran: em khong ra, luc negociate em toan dung email thoi
chi tran: 1. Em biet la em muon xe nao
chi tran: 2. Em ra dealer lai thu
chi tran: 3. Em request quote from the dealer online
chi tran: 4. Someone from dealer se contact chi
chi tran: 5. Quote online thuong re hon la quote ma minh toi dealer tu 1K toi 2K
chi tran: 6. Sau do minh negociate via email
chi tran: neu nguoi ta chiu cai price ma minh offer, thi minh toi lai thu lan cuoi + mua luon
chi tran: trong luc request quote thi minh cung noi cho nguoi ta biet la minh muon xe cua minh ra sao, i.e. interior and exterior finish
chi tran: mau son, option o trong xe, etc…
idlehouse: yeah, linh ti’nh du`ng online too
idlehouse: chi cho.n dealer ra sao?
chi tran: hoi truoc em request the quote toi khoang 10 dealers trong pham vi (100 miles driving distance) LA + San Diego, cuoi cung em chon dealer o Mission Viejo (half way) noi ma cho em gia re nhat + lowest interest rate


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