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Posted on: January 24, 2010

when I was a wee kid, I had fantasies of dressing and singing like the kids on Nhung Bong Hoa Nho program. Nowaday this program is just another kidMTV fiasco complete with modern craps and whatnot. That makes me an old timer, stuck with the notion that the good stuffs no longer exist these days. Because no one dresses in 80’s fashion and dances to weird backgrounds that is so 80’s anymore. Look at the hair. The skirts. *Swoon*

But you know, the kids back then did sing really well… I have not seen any kids who sing well these days, Xuan Mai included (or should I say particularly?). She has a TV presence, but her voice and delivery just suck ass. Am I missing out on some one great? Please alert me.

I love this one, would totally kill for one of those bows… When I could finally have one, sadly, I had no hair left for them. “Demi Garcon.”


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hear hear. I missed Nhung Bong Hoa Nho too and for once aspired to be one of them.

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