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partying hard

Posted on: January 24, 2010

It’s past 11pm on Saturday night here and we are parting as if there isn’t any infants in this household. The infant is the one partying. The two adults are just dragging along hoping that they can call it a night soon. May is now 40 weeks old. I still remember the Saturday we told each other, “can you believe it, our daughter is 1 week old.” Holy molly, our daughter is now 40 weeks old and she is celebrating it in style.

Just about 2 days shy of turning 9 months, May now gives kisses, makes funny face and watches for our reactions, tosses stuffs onto the floor and look for them, has mastered the pincer grasp enough to apply just enough pressure so that she can bring soft pieces of food like avocado to her mouth without totally squishing it in the process, pushes the small ikea stool on the floor to reach the shelf, then holds on to the shelf and let go of the chair (cruising), slurps, knows her name, etc. etc..

I seem to be devoid of emotion while typing this entry. You’ll have to excuse me, someone has been sleeping noisily and restlessly the past few nights.

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