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York, PA

Posted on: January 27, 2010

We missed the 11am bus this morning by 2 minutes and had to wait 35 minutes for the next bus. It was chilly outside. CHILLY. Within 5 minutes, one black man driving a construction contractor van pulled over and asked “Are you ok miss? Can I give you guys a ride?” I took strangers up on such kind offers before, but since I was with May and the man of course had no child seat, I gave him a thumb up and said we are doing very well and thank you so much for his kind offer.
Another 20 minutes passed by, and another call pulled over, parked, an elderly white lady came shuffling towards us and said “Are you and the baby doing ok? Do you need a ride? Can I take you somewhere ?” I thanked her many times and explained that because there is no child seat, she could be fined. We talked for a bit and then she went back to her car and drove away.

It’s not a pleasant day to be sticking your face out into the cold, but two strangers did that for us. That’s just how York is.

Since we were late for our bus, we also missed Story Time at Borders. I went to that plaza anyways, and decided to have lunch at Issac’s just for the heck of it. The food was mediocre and salty, but May had a good time looking at everyone and eating part of my mini toasted soft pretzel. After lunch, we played by ourselves in the children section of Borders. Then we hopped onto the bus to go home, except May fell asleep 1/2 way home. So I just sat there on the bus for the next 2 hours while May napped. We reached the end of 3 different lines. I know know the schedule as well as the route of lines 1A, 1B, and 1C by heart. May had such a good time. I think I will do this more often, just hopping onto the bus and go somewhere just to be out.


2 Responses to "York, PA"

How nice of them!

Yorker nice! Makes me want to move there hehehe

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