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snow and two cities

Posted on: February 1, 2010

Saturday morning, the 30% chance of snow forecast got reduced to 20% chance. The sky was cloudy and the air was chilly, 16ish, but no snow. Then within one hour, the weather station changed its prediction to 50% chance of snow in the afternoon. So I said what the heck, let’s just go… south. To Baltimore. For fun. Uh huh. So we loaded May into the car and headed south. Within 5 miles, we got snow, powder snow. Then we got to the stateline, it was full blown snow flurries. By the time we exited to Ellicot city, Son was saying, this is a BAD idea, let’s just turn around and go home. There was snow accumulation on the street, tons of it, and snow was falling harder. The good news is, May napped for 40 minutes. We filled up our gas tank, went into H-mart since we were there, and then made our way ever slowly homewardbound. REaaaaaly slow. And that was when we saw bad traffic in bad weather. 30mph was a luxury. Near the stateline, we came to a complete halt, as an accident caused a stretch of the i-83 to shut down, and everyone had to exit and enter the next ramp. I thought of Carla, who told me last year that snow caused her 1.5 hours trip to turn into a 5 hours stress. EEks. Luckily, our trip was only doubled. Then Son said, oh crap, it’ll be hell trying to park our car with all that snow, we’ll probably have to park on the street. Then Son said oh man, don’t go anywhere tomorrow then, because with all this snow, it’ll be dangerous as it turns into ice tomorrow. We crossed the state line into PA, and Son said, wow, PA really does their road maintenance job well, look at how clear the freeway is in comparison to MD. Yeah, but look at the snow accumulation here, not even 1/2″ !! Then we were 1 mile away from our house, and things were just very very lightly dusted with some white. Then we got to our street exit and nothing. NOTHING. No snow, not even a hint of it. Uh huh. So, we went from a city where there was 4-6″ of accumulation, freeway shut down, accidents every 4 exits, to a city where nothing happened. 60 miles of each other. Uh huh.

And our baby? She cried for 10 minutes on the way back, then slept for 2 hours, causing us to drive around and around and around the city exploring districts while waiting for her to wake up.


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