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ring in the new year with nada to eat

Posted on: February 14, 2010

On new year’s eve, I had instant noodles. Yum. “Yuck” actually, I threw away some of it towards the end. On to new year day: ate a bunch of May’s cocoPops. Almost ate the whole bag, but you know those 15 calories per cracker things, they feel exactly that way in my stomach – NOT FULL. So dug out the freezer’s contents and found ba’nh bo^.t lo.c from chi. Ti’m. Had about 10 of those. Now scratching my head trying to figure out what’s for dinner tonight (update: we had pho+? from the freezer, long live the freezer).

May and I are sharing a cold. She has runny nose (postnasal drip Son said) and I have a sore throat. Sleeping 9 hours each night for the last 3 nights doesn’t help. Oh why why why must she wake up so early these days, rubbing her eyes and yawning constantly, but no matter how hard we try to get her back to sleep, including wearing her in the Ergo and walking around patting, she just can’t fall asleep again. That busy little mind of hers is up to something. She has been standing on her own lately to the tune of about 10 seconds at each go, so maybe that’s why.

There’s no other news to report in this neck of the wood. Maybe if I get out more, I might have more things to say!


3 Responses to "ring in the new year with nada to eat"

dear bo`n iu,

i have 3 ba’nh tet, still have not touched them since mom sent them over, one pack full of thi.t kho still untouched.

Come over and we will have a feast.

I did not feel like celebrating Tet this year. Still sulking about it.

I still have 2 big ba’nh chu*ng & 1 huge ba’nh tet …..so nga’n of them….

mi`nh ha’ mo? ra no’i he^’t food la` co’ 2 thu`ng ddo^`tie^’p te^` tu+` cu. va` ba.n chi. Chi hi` hi` hi`

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