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ba’c ho^` my foot

Posted on: February 19, 2010

Goddamn uncle Ho, according to my 4th grade textbook, used to proclaim that neatness is next to godliness, and that because he was so damn neat, he could get the exact thing he needed with his eyes closed. Yeah that’s why he’s dead. So that he doesn’t have to prove it. I, for once, know the exact opposite. That tidiness = loss. Every time I try to organize and put things away, that would be the last time I see my stuffs.

Last week I almost lost all of May’s Xmas money because I decided I should put it somewhere safe. A bit too safe. Turned the house upside down and couldn’t find it. To Son’s infinite credit, he didn’t get angry or point fingers at me, instead he said it’ll show up eventually and consoled me. Luckily, since this is money that we are talking about, I managed, through sheer will, to conjure up the obscure bit of memory of the day I decided that I should put the money away, and slowly unraveled through the sequence of events to help me dig up that pot of gold.

That was last week. The crisis of this week is my memory stick. Damned if I know where that thing is. It’s kinda hard to load pictures without it. Grrrrr….

update 2/21: still missing !
update 2/23: i think Son just found it!


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