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Posted on: February 22, 2010

May is now standing on her own, pointing & identifying objects (she points, I tell her what things are, she repeats after me, often unsuccessfully), following a few simple commands such as “go to Ba” “give me a kiss” “look who’s there” “come over here” “eat this” “say________”… She is saying a few first words such as “dde`n” (light) and “a.” and “mamamama” when she’s tired and want me. I also think she is saying “pu” for “bu'” (to nurse) because she has pulled my collar down and consistently saying this while sticking her mouth into the opening. She remembers events from seeing video of herself and anticipates the next scene (such as saying “ba” before the self in the video does). She’s also pulling all sorts of things from top of tables down, eeks. Time to clean up even more, this little one is tip-toeing. She has 2 teeth halfway out and nothing else in sight.

With all these milestones blossoming, night time sleep has been abysmal but what else is new. (just now I said “dde`n” (light) and she pointed at our light in the room 🙂 ). We’re hanging in there. As long as she averages 12 hours/day naps and night sleep combined, I try not to stress (well, I mostly don’t stress about her sleep habits anymore, but just about my own lack of rest if she has a particularly rough night).


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