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another day, another life

Posted on: February 25, 2010

I don’t really know who wrote those last 2 posts. Last night May slept crapily and then around 4:30am, after struggling on and off the boob for 2 hours but couldn’t drift off into deeper sleep, she finally sat up, tugged my shirt, and cried for help. So I picked her up and did whatever else I could think of at that most unholy hour of the morning and we got some nice snooze. She still woke up at 7:30am, about 2.5 hours too early in my book, but hey, I’m still in a good mood right now. it must have been the “normal” dinner we had last night. After 1 month of eating meat and starch, starch and meat and crap and chocolates and cakes and bread and more cookies, I got so fed up and went to Costco to buy VEGETABLES. So we had glorious veggies for dinner last night. Next month I’ll probably be crying uncle again because Son’s doing his away thing in Hershey – no car again, yikes. Unless we manage to get a new car by this weekend. Ha!

Seriously, though, once I write down all my deepest darkest moments and admit to weakness, I feel like I’m that person no longer. So if you came to offer me hugs and love the last 2 posts, thanks, thanks, thanks. I love you too. But I don’t know who wrote the last two posts anymore 😀

Tonight, May woke up and as soon as I turned on the light in the room, she pointed and it and said, “chè.” She’s also figured out that when we play hide and seek, if I keep on hiding in a circle, she’ll stop after making 1 round and go the opposite way to catch me in the act. She has done it with Son and with me every single time; and, if she can’t catch us that way, she’ll cut across the barrier. Trang, let me save you a comment, G-I-F-T-E-D – right ? 😛

NPR saves my sanity. I turn it on first thing in the morning, and turn it off before bedtime at night. All the shows make me feel less isolated and dumb. I get the news report at least twice a day, then I listen to “smart talk,” “all things considered,” “morning edition,” “fresh air,” “from the top,” “market place” … On the weekend I listen to “wait wait don’t tell me” and “car talk.” Sometimes there’s poetry reading and book reading. In between, there’s classical music. They really love “Carmen” on NPR lately, as I have heard various versions of it at least 3 times already. Thanks to spending 1 month with An, I can now identify most passages from the entire opera, not just the Habanera. Classical music is a hit or a miss though. I’m especially nervous during May’s nap time, as I like to keep NPR on in the background. Well, you know sometimes they play something kinda semi-contemporary or modern, and if it’s a frigging eastern influenced piece, the minor scale and high notes can really wake May up. One discovery is, Stravinsky makes nice nap music for May. At least the Stravinsky played on NPR so far.

I need to figure out how to successfully “velvet” the meat, specifically fish. I followed 2 different instructions 2 different times, and didn’t get the result I wanted. I got the eggwhite and the cornstarch, but the meat still came out not velvety like they have it at Chinese restaurant…


3 Responses to "another day, another life"

I think I would go insane without tv and the internet…

Glad you’re back to normal again 🙂


that’s my girl.

I am glad you came out of the blues.

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