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no longer just mind reading

Posted on: February 26, 2010

You have been signaling for a month now, and the past 8 days, pointing. You started out with reaching your hand (one hand) in the direction of whatever you are interested. We would take you to that direction for clarification, or we would look and name all objects in that direction and talk about those things in general. Then we gave you high-five when we ran out of ideas. Now you are pointing. And you point to communicate with us in two ways: you would point to indicate what you have in mind, as in pointing to make us do something for you, be it taking you to where you would like to have a closer look or giving you something you want to eat, or you would point just to interact with us, so as soon as we tell you the name of the object you point at, you move on to the next target.

This afternoon, all the planets were in great alignment in the universe to confer an auspicious occurence of you napping for 2.5 hours. WE napped for 2.5 hours. When we were awake, you got up and immediately began to point at the two windows. You pointed to one, then you pointed to another. I told you they were windows and curtains, but you continued to point. Then you pointed at the lamp next to our bed. Suddenly I realize that you have been doing that day after day now after waking up, and you didn’t seem to be satisfied with their mere names. What more, I realize that for months up on months we have slept and napped together, I always open the curtains at the windows to let the light into the dark room or turn on the lamp if we have been napping in the late evening. I immediately said to you “Mommy should open the windows to let the light in, yes? So that we can play in the light, right?” You were happy and stopped pointing. You pulled yourself up holding onto my body and started to dance.

Today is a great day.


1 Response to "no longer just mind reading"

hai me. con ddu*o*.c 2.5 hr nap dda~ thie^.t. Sa’ng 6 gio*` sa’ng la` dda~ bi. lo^i dda^`u da^.y ro^`i…kho^ng co’ nap ti’ na`o until bed time….

bo`n co’ cho SM look out windows khong? She will love it…

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