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10 months – everyday a new thing

Posted on: March 1, 2010

That little head is now furiously absorbing and reacting to the world.
It’s getting more fun now as your personality is coming along nicely. There’s a sense of humor in there. There’s a will to communicate and engage people around you, across your limitations.

You are teething, or… something. You drool like mad, and your finger is constantly in your mouth. You chew on everything, but a least you spend a good amount of time examining them prior to covering them in drool. Toys last longer that way. And because you are teething and growing, sleep is still a rough patch.

Last week there was one day you just could not settle down for even an early afternoon nap, your fist nap of the day. I finally just dropped you on the floor and walked away, intending for you to cry some of the energy off. You cried for a few seconds, then looked around to find me, and, continuing to cry, you crawled in my direction. I got up and walked into the kitchen; that got you crying harder. Then you looked up at me and starting to make funny sounds, aaaaa and eeeeeeeh, the type of sounds you make when you try to engage me into playing. You don’t just keep on crying if I don’t make you. Typical of  these days, you would soon start pointing at random things and tell me “ki`a” or “gi`”; or you would stand up and clasp two hands together looking at me with both amazement and expectation. It’s hard not to stop wrestling with you and cheer for you instead. Sometimes if I just turn my back and ignore you, you would  soon find something to occupy yourself with. Sleep is haaaaaaard.

You love the multicolor LED night light that I bought for you. Yet, in the morning, you have not tried to grab it off the wall. You just simply get as close to it as you can, generally stopping around your toy bin, playing with your toys while keeping an eye on it until I finally unplug it and open all the curtains. My guess is you have learned that as soon as you make a dash for it in the morning, I will unplug the light immediately, no more fun. At night is a different story. As soon as the light is plugged in, you would make a mad dash for it. You know the light stays on the wall at night. So typically, we would catch up to you by the time you are about to grab it from the wall. Last night, your father got you and dropped you back onto the bed a couple of times. Then you looked at the light, looked at your father, looked back at the light. You then crawled in a direction parallel to the wall where the light was at, but not approaching it. Your father kept on looking at you, but did not get up. You sat up, looking at your father, then at the light, then complained :D. Then, as soon as your father dropped his look, you made a mad dash for the light, squealing in the process :D. He got you that time too. After that, you went in a different direction, heading for your toy while still keeping an eye on the light. You started playing with the toy, so your father went back to his book. And then, mad dash for the light again 😆 I love it, my little clown.


3 Responses to "10 months – everyday a new thing"

hi there, thấy vậy mau lắm đó Mẹ của bé ui …10 tháng xong tới 1st birthday, sau đó sẽ tới pre-school 3 tuổi ….Bây giờ cực nhưng nghĩ lại là kỷ niệm vô giá được ở nhà săn sóc con …Enjoy every moment while it lasts .

mau thie^.t ddo’ ha C2, da.o na`y me. sm cu~ng hay co’ flashbacks ve^ ` da.o sm co`n … na(`m ye^n 1 cho^~ … gio+` la toddler to+’i no+i ro^`i, sa(‘p bi. me. Kie^’n che^ la` he^’t cute kie^?u baby ro^`i …

hahaha ddo.c ca’i pha^`n bo`n ta? SM vo+`n vo+’i ca’i dde`n so funny!

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