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Posted on: March 3, 2010

Storm Born (book 1 of black swan series)- urban fantasy with copious amount of sex scenes described in great details. Let’s elaborate: sex scenes involving supernatural beings. This is like watching a japanese anime that’s shown on an adult channel. Sex aside, the development is entertaining enough for me to keep going. Nothing new here. If you have read Harry Potter, seen Escaflowne and Noein series, you’ve seen them all. I’m just a bored housewife waiting for my chance to read “His Dark Materials,” which, being children fantasy, will spare me of the sex.

The Stone Diaries. Ah. Much better. After all, this is a Pulitzer Prize winning book. It reminds me of old English writers, say Arnold Bennett. I love this passage from chapter 1:

Embarassed, or perhaps ashamed, they cast their gaze one last time on the great white covered form of Mercy Stone Goodwill who lies before them, silent and still as a boat, a stranger in the world for all of her life, who has given her child the last of her breath.
It’s this wing-beat of breath I reach out for. Even now I claim it absolutely. I insist upon its literal volume and vapors, for however hard I try I can be sure of nothing else in the world but this–the fact of her final breath, the merest trace of it lingering in the room like snow or sunlight, burning, freezing against my sealed eyelids and saying: open, open.


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