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spring’s almost here

Posted on: March 9, 2010

mid 50’s this week, to be followed by many days of rain, soon. Lovely weather, really. The asshole across the street with obnoxiously loud motobike is out enjoying the warm air, I can tell. He must have been itching all winter long, when much of York was under slushy snow. These past two days and night he has been revving the bike so loud it can wake dead people. Grrrr.

I’ve been reading. I went crazy last week and got 2 bagfuls of books. Reading and wrestling with an octopus whose name is May. This octopus has a velcro tendency this week. This octopus can also bite, and has been scraping me raw these past 3 days and night. I can’t feel any new teeth, maybe it’s the stuffy nose thing. Son’s working weekends this month, so no car on weekend.

At least I got taxes done. Now on to packing and buying a car.

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