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Posted on: March 12, 2010


this sucker. It must weigh 10#; this bulky hardback is a killer especially since I read while nursing May lying down with one arm holding it over my head most of the time. I don’t think I’m developing nice biceps as much as I’m asking for chronic shoulder pains to visit me in the near future. So far so good. This book is not an eye opener for me, as I’m familiar with the subject. However, it does remind me to renew my commitment to eat less meat, buy more sustainable food, because I don’t want people’s blood in my dinner. Hard to avoid, but I guess we all have to try just a little.

2 Responses to "currently reading"

few years ago I read “My year of Meat” — it was about an investigation into the meat industry…very disgusting…and I become less of a meat eater too.😀

Tell me how the Book of William is, so that I can tell William about it🙂

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