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one week before 11 months

Posted on: March 18, 2010

One week before 11 months
you took your first steps. You were standing one moment, then you looked at me the next and gingerly took two steps – baby steps – towards the swing. Then you grabbed onto the swing, eyes still on me. I started to cheer “yay yay yay!” and clapped my hands. You had a big smile on your face and started clapping too. We hugged and dance and saying “yay yay yay” the whole time. It was great fun. Not emotional, not life changing, but just fun and sweet.

Just about 11 months,shy of a week
you sat in my lap while we enjoyed a cup of iced coffee and a slice of cake. There was a huge glass window in the coffee shop at Borders. The weather was spring time perfect, bright, warm, sunny. You contentedly looked out to the word from the safety of your mother’s hold, and eating cake whenever a morsel was offered. I’m just so grateful that you turn out to be this kind of kid, whose personality has a good mix of spunk and sweetness, openness and caution, just my type of a person!

I guess I will love you and find you awesome because you are my kid, but at the same time, I’m can’t help but gloat about all these traits in your personality that are emerging. Your willingness to engage people into interactions. Your open yet quiet gaze at strangers. Your Mona Lisa smile, just around the curves of your lips but not quite giving it, while you looked on as strangers tried to elicit a squeal out of you (you don’t squeal at them). Your whines are even great, because as you are learning to manipulate our attention, you would scream and cry and cough, but I love how you give up so soon and turn your attention to the next thing.

Your father and I are never tired of hearing you babbling in the back seat. Whenever you begin, we would turn off the radio to listen with our hearts full. To the words that are to come.

You are one week shy of 11 months.


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