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the communicator

Posted on: March 19, 2010

kìa (over there, there)
“màm” = mèo (cat)
“bo” = bubbles
“chai” = chơi (play)
cây (tree, plant)
“chè”= đèn (light)

on occasions I’ve also heard “mè” for mẹ (mom) but not sure. She doesn’t seem to express the need to call me (probably because I’m always there, maybe me = “kìa”. )

When she’s tired and wants to cuddle nurse for comfort, she will say “nài nài nài”, which c3 says it could be “này, này, này” (here) though I’m not so sure. It could be “nhai” (chew) because I used to say that to her when she started solids.

She’s been saying “ạ” for awhile when we tell her to, but the tone is still off, sounding more like “à”.

It seems to me almost overnight, May’s response to language exploded. Maybe it’s just that she’s much more responsive. Not sure, but now I tell her to do things and she does them consistently. I can also teach her the meaning of commands and she will absorb the new phrase very quickly. Simple games like “give [name of item] to me” and “give [name of item] to your father” or simple commands like “stand up” and “keep standing” and “don’t eat that” are generally followed.

Oh, and the crying in the carseat has stopped.

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con nít đang tập nói thật đáng yêu lắm ….nói chuyện thường với con rất tốt cho bé .

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