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Posted on: April 1, 2010

i’m hitting a dormant period for all activities. Currently not wanting to do anything yet knowing that doing something is precisely the antidote. I just cut May’s hair this afternoon with a pair of preschooler’s scissors. Her cute wispy bangs were too long, getting into her eyes, and she would only tolerate a hair clip 1/2 of the time (the other 1/2, she chews on the hairclips). I could tie it up coconut tree style, but I’m afraid that might hurt her head in the long run. I hate having my hair tied anyways, so I figured, right now, comfort before cuteness, hence, bye bye bangs. Just about 1/2 an inch. Nothing disastrous. Son announces that his daughter now looks like a boy.

May is walking a lot these day. Sleep is still a struggle. There’s no magic to these milestones, no dramatic improvement that is. We would reach new low points every now and then; when the low points lift returning us to the previous lows, I would consider that an improvement. But you know what i mean. Looking at the big picture, I guess it’s the way she is. Naps are going shorter and shorter these days. Harder to settle her. This past week she basically cried before she could fall asleep – not voluntarily crying, but me making her cry on purpose to settle her. Ugh. I might as well put her into the crib and try the Ferber method. Last night it took me almost 2 hours. Hopefully with Son back from his away rotation and doing a more 8-5ish schedule, I can get a tag team going.

Son’s outside with May right now. Playing in the park. She adores her dad and squeals when he comes home.

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