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3, how many does yours have?

Posted on: April 14, 2010

The mystery behind the last 3 nights’ restless sleep
the more clingy than usual
the frowns, the tears
the foul mood and beating of tables
the sleepy biting
the hand in mouth
the angry frustrated cries when she was on the verge of falling asleep

yep!! The 3rd tooth is here. It must have cut last night. I just felt it this morning, so I sent May to bed with a dose of infant Tylenol tonight to help her with the discomfort, as I think the 4th will cut either tonight or by the end of this week. Looks like May will celebrate her 1st birthday with 4 teeth to spare. I think the only other kid celebrating 1 with less teeth would be Nathan, with 2 teeth at 1. Late teething probably runs on my side of the family.

I’m currently digging this song:

Down by the bay where the watermelons grow
back to my home I dare not go
for if I do my mother will say:

1. “Did you ever see a moose kissing a goose
down by the bay?”

2. “Did you ever see a whale with a polka dot tail
down by the bay?”

3. “Did you ever see a bear combing his hair
down by the bay?”

4. “Did you ever see a fly wearing a tie
down by the bay?”
5. “Did you ever see the llamas eating their pajamas
down by the bay?”

6. “did you ever have a time when you couldn’t make a rhyme?
down by the bay?”

We were at the library the other day when I saw this song in a board book by Raffi, with illustrations done by Nadine Bernard Westcott and I was seized by homesickness again. The illustrations reminds me of Berkeley Marina on sunny spring afternoons when Son and I used to sit on the hilly area watching the giant octopus kite flying above the bay, sort of like the whale with the polka dot tail…

2 Responses to "3, how many does yours have?"

CC is teething too. I think two on bottom, two on top.

le. le. le^n ma` tro+? ve^` Bay Area nha.

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