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1 week shy of 1 year

Posted on: April 19, 2010

May is walking more like a drunk now because the speed has increased while the gait is still ungraceful. She practically ran around the room last night after her bath. She was sleepy before that, and then after the bath, we had a madman running around the room totally hyper for nearly an hour before she crashed and snored after nursing very briefly. Tonight is a different story. May showed no sign of sleepiness, but after the bath she was trying repeatedly to climb onto Son’s lap and wanted to be held. When he put her down onto the floor, she didn’t get mad though, she just walked a bit and then returned to him. Then I started to pump a bit because she was too distracted to nurse well earlier this evening, May came around to take a look. She then became very focused and pointed and the boob saying “AH!” determinedly. I asked her, “May bú không con?”
(would you like to nurse?) and May, eyes still on the boob, responded, “Bô.” I said, “Bú rồi đi ngủ nhé?” (let’s nurse to sleep ok?) and I saw May looking down and started moving around my chair so I went back to pumping. Within 30 seconds, May got to the other side of the chair and walked to the mattress, sat right down to the spot where I always lay her down at bed time, and looked up at me. I said, “Ngủ nhe con?” (let’s sleep?) and she lie down.

Of course she didn’t go to sleep on her own, she was just communicating to me that she was ready to sleep. When I came back out from the kitchen after putting the milk away, she was pulling all the books off the shelf and giving them to me. But once I turned off the light and started nursing her, May settled right down and went to sleep quickly, oh so sweet.

Still just 3 teeth. The 4th one hasn’t cut yet.
This morning she woke up, looked at Son and called out, “Ba! ba!”


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