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Posted on: May 5, 2010

The last two days’ sleep schedule has turned upside down. Today we woke up for the day at noon. Nevermind playdate. And we went down for bed at midnight. Something about the 4th tooth making its much anticipated cut and the power of the bite that now goes with it. ARGH. So, tonight. Tried for bed at 10pm. Slept at 10:40pm, BUT, stirred at 11:20pm and … biting! OUCHHHHH. After 3 warnings about no biting, I collected my goods and that left one very angry babe crying herself hoarse. No fears, I was nearby listening to her entire complaint. And then when she collected herself and approached me again (I have begun to let her approach me if I’m not in the wrong as far as I can see), I gave her a hug and gently remind her that yes we can nurse to sleep now, but please remember no biting, biting hurts and nursing cannot go on. Then we settled down and nursed and drifted off peacefully into lala land. No biting. And it was midnight. Sighs.

1 Response to "mayo"

yoh yoh, i have already booked that day off…

I can come pick you up. We have an extra carseat but I don’t know how to install it.

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