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Posted on: May 17, 2010

Our flight back was delayed by 2 hours, but I can’t complain, because May kept herself so busy at the airport that by the time we boarded, she passed out and remained asleep for the entire flight, up to the moment we stood up to fetch our luggage once most passengers had filed out. When we got home, May went to bed at half past midnight and slept 8+ hours straight. I woke up intermittently through out the night to check on her (right next to me) and she didn’t even change position. Amazing. This trip has made May much less timid among strangers. She’s much more willing to interact with people and explore her surroundings.

An was here in York for the weekend and we took off for Philly yesterday just because May napped in the car and we thought why not. The trip there took close to 4 hours due to funky detour on the I-76 where it met the 1. No clue what happened there. The way back, we took the 222 then 30, a much more reassuring 2 hour trip. We walked around Philly, ate some gelato, then I fed May some dinner while she wandered around the “love park.” We then discovered a much nicer water fountain just a few blocks from there. You know, the famous one. Instead of paved paths around it, the ground was covered with sand and fine gravels. May ate some of that. We tried as much as we could to dissuade her, but after a taste or two, she quit doing that on her own. But she had a lot of fun grabbing handful of the stuffs and distributing them to everyone until she was exhausted from all the efforts.

May slept for a good 1.5 hours on the way to Philly and more than 2 hours on the way back. When we got home at 11pm, May was in deep sleep and didn’t wake up until the moment I picked her up from her carseat. We marched straight to bed where May went back to sleep right away (luckily I did wipe her down and changed her diaper before we headed back, so I figured the bath could wait). This development is huge for us, because May used to wake up if the speed changed, nevermind a car stopping and people getting in and out.

She’s now talking up a storm, pronunciation is improving some what, and I appreciate the change. I mean, for the past year, I felt like I was holding monologues all the time, and it was driving me insane. Now she actually answers back or follows my commands, or communicate her needs verbally so that I can keep a conversation going, hurray for that.

What’s next? An’s due back to Boston in 1.5 months. We are very keen on returning too. It’s just a matter of hearing from An about the living arrangement before we’re off booking our next ticket. May has 11 more months to travel as a lap baby, so I’m thinking of taking full advantage of that status.


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