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13 months today

Posted on: May 26, 2010

And what did she get ? A scratch on her eyelid, from falling and scrapping her face against one of many boxes I used to block her way to the stairs at our new house. We have been spending our little free time moving what we can this week prior to the big moving day on Friday when the movers and the van arrives. For future reference, Uhaul provides contracted movers some of whom have very decent rates. Ours come with 2 guys for 2 hours at $138. We don’t have cash to burn but because it’s just the three of us out here in York, we can’t afford to have either one of us injure ourselves from hauling heavy things while keeping an eye on May. So paying for labor is the way to go. Of the 4 hours I tried to help Son unpack and organize things at the new house, maybe 1 hour was spent carrying May while bringing things upstairs very slowly – 1 pair of shoes at a time, for example. 2 hours were spent nursing May because she kept on asking to nurse. 1 hour was true labor. Son is entirely on his own, hauling things into the car and depositing them into the new house for me to sort through.

At least 4 of our new neighbors have already introduced themselves and welcomed us. Bruce, who lives on the other side of the driveway, has already offered to lend us his grass mower and other gardening tools as needed. Tom and Connie two houses over have 5 kids 3 of which May has already met. Rachel, 3 houses down, has a pool and said she hopes to invite us over. Patrice who lives next to Bruce has a 5 year old grand daughter who is very friendly and sweet. All in all, the neighborhood has a group of kids ranging from 2 to middle school who are often seen playing up and down the street in the afternoon. Tom’s house seems to be the social hub. The kids here in York are very friendly, so I think May will soon have friends to hang out with in the evening.

At 13 months, May is delightful. She enjoys being chased and will squeal and shriek while running madly away from me. When she’s tired, she would turn around and run straight at me offering to be my friend, how cute. She’s picked up more words lately: cầm (hold), cho (give), đưa (give), bú (nurse), banh (ball), bô (bubbles), gố (gấu, bear), woof, vố (vớ, sock), mẹ (mom, sometimes she says it correctly, other times she just goes momma), gì (what), thịt (meat), cơm (rice), ố (áo, shirt), wừm (quần, pants), giày (shoes)… are some words May now uses. The other night she took out my driver license and said “mem”; Son said “look, she’s saying that’s you.” I said, “how smart, show her your DL then.” Son did, and May said “mem.” She often says “mem” to things that she likes and/or recognizes, including cats, dogs, babies, whose names she can pronounce.

At 13 months May loves to dance. Many of the toys Chau gave which I had found useless in the past have, in due time, come to be May’s favorites. Right now is the Maestro music thing that plays classical tunes and flash lights. This thing is pretty nice actually, because the tunes are complex, not one dimensional ding ding that hurts your ears. It used to barely make any sound for some reason, but since May had taken to playing it so much throughout the day, the sound quality has greatly improved. May would wake up in the morning, runs over to her musical toys, presses a button and swing her hips madly to the tune. She dances like that hula girl that is battery operated, if you know what I mean. No one showed her how to do that. She just started doing it around 8 months, when she was cruising. When seated in her high chair, she would still swing her body side to side if the music strikes her fancy. She fancies Tex-Mex.

At 13 months I tell May every moment I have a chance that she’s the light of my life and I love her more than the numbers she can ever count. Sometimes she looks at me and gives me an open mouth kiss.


4 Responses to "13 months today"

Có con mọn mà dọn nhà thì mệt đừ á nàng ui. 2 năm trước, DQ cũng từng dọn nhà kiểu đó nên biết nè. Lúc đó, Cún mới có hơn 2 tuổi, DQ thì đang vác cái bụng lặc lè. Tía ui, giờ nghĩ lại chuyện dọn nhà mà vẫn còn hãi hùng lắm nè!

May được 13 tháng mà biết nhiều chuyện vậy là giỏi quá chừng rồi nè. Hôm nọ, ngắm ké hình từ bên nhà mẹ Chuột Con mà thấy hai mẹ con của May cutie quá chừng lun à!

Congratulation on the new house & happy 13 months to May!!


tro+`i, phu.c chi. qua’ xa’, co’ ba^`u do.n nha` nghe wa?i ro^`i, the^m toddler la` va’i 2 tay luo^n!!

Mẹ nó ơi, đoạn cuối cùng Mẹ nó dễ thương wớ 🙂

Chèng ui, cực chẳng đã mới phải dọn nhà trong lúc vác cái bụng lặc lè & có con mọn vậy đó nàng ui! Bây giờ mà bảo DQ dọn nhà nữa là DQ la làng cho coi. Sợ lắm lắm luôn rồi á!

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