i know what you mean!

when sleep is the last thing on our mind

Posted on: May 30, 2010

this afternoon, May fell asleep in the car on the way back from lunch. Hot, muggy, uncomfortable. Son got out, I got out, Son slammed the door, I got into the back seat – my baby was still sleeping. I took off her sandals, unbuckled, she stirred but her eyes were still tightly shut. I lifted her to my shoulders, crawled out of the car, children were playing outside, adults were talking. May’s head hung on my shoulders still! I went into the house, climbed the stairs up to our room, her breathing was still that of a sleeping child. Looking back to the days May would wake up when we decreased the car’s speed from 60mph to 40mph, I’d say we have come a loooong way. She must be sooo exhausted with this whole moving ordeal that throws her life into chaos. She just had dinner at 10pm tonight and went to bed at 11:15. That’s better than the 1 a.m. bedtime last night.

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