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4 more days til internet

Posted on: June 5, 2010

I feel a sore throat coming, why oh whyyyyyyyy…
Recap of this week’s events:
Sat-Sun-Mon – May got fever and diminishing appetite.
Mon- May got rash from the buttocks down and lost appetite including nursing.
Tue-Wed – May recovered
Thu – Appetite return
Fri – C3 suggested Hand-foot-and Mouth Disease. Nurse at Pedi and inhouse Dr don’t think so, but I think she did get it. She had a sore in her mouth. I saw a few blisters on her thumb 2 days ago, and she has blisters on the sole of her feet. Uh huh. Anyways. She’s better now. I’ll stick to mother’s instinct.

This week has been a blur of crying baby and not sleeping too well baby and unpacking and cleaning and icky humid heat. The house is slowly looking much better. Neighbor is moving out so they sold some great stuffs for cheap. I got May a jumparoo for $5. She’s enjoying it. When she’s done, I’m going to sell it on CL for $15. The ongoing price is about $30 at the cheapest. I’m picking up a sand and water table for May tomorrow for $10 (yard sale).

May has been consistently waking up dry for 4 days this week, maybe 5. I just need to convince her that it’s a better idea to pee sitting down, not standing up. Last night she slept for 5+ hours straight, and I was delirious due to too much rest.

May has been more whiny lately. Some days I’m so annoyed. When we go outside, she’s an angel. Maybe it’s the cooped up kid syndrome, aka bored kid. When Son takes her upstairs for her bath at night, she cries like I’m abandoning her. And then 3 minutes later, she’s fine.

I meant to write something about the subject of ideal mom vs. coping mom. Ideally I would be loving and non yelling and always responsive mom. This coping mom is really warming up to “you can kiss my ass” attitude now. Sometimes I just tell May loudly (not yelling – yet) “Pipe down kid!” and “tough luck!” while thinking to myself, oh well, this is who I am, she’ll just have to get to know me. It’s all about coping, this whiny velcro stage.


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