i know what you mean!

still no wifi

Posted on: June 9, 2010

because phone jacks don’t work. Hello more expenditure!! Grrrr
took sm to the park today, and lucky for us, there was a little league baseball game going on, the park was full of parents and the playground filled with little siblings. The preschool kids took interests in May and played with her for a bit. May is less shy among children, but she remains very quiet and mostly just looks on.

I made a fresh batch of fried rice and waited 2 hours for a chance to meet up with Son (he’s on call tonight) in hope of providing a nutritious dinner to give him some energy for the long night – he couldn’t spare a minute to retrieve it. He’s drowning in work over there, one patient after another. By 8pm, May was hungry so I opened Son’s dinner and fed it to May on the way back.

The weather has been awesome since Sunday. Today felt like I was back in Berkeley, with bright sunshine, breezy winds, and cool air. I talked to Patrice, our new neighbor, and she promises to take us with her to her church next week. That’s right, y’all, church. I was sweating in the heat last month with nowhere to go on a Sunday in this town and I thought – nice cool church, open space, no dog poop, little kids… let’s go to church! In this part of America, churches have been making themselves so ultra family oriented and babies friendly that I’d be a fool not to take May there to pass this summer.

Note to Tran: nitrite free bacons are found at Trader Joe’s.
note to Trang: easy soup to make is cream of cauliflower and white beans.


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“note to Trang: easy soup to make is cream of cauliflower and white beans.”

How to prepare for this? I need to spice up my menu for PP.

Thanks bòn….if I have time this weekend I will check it out. Haven’t been to Trader Joe in a long time because it’s so far away (in Cambridge that is).
I made minestrone Sunday night with ground beef and chicken broth though. She ate the whole chén …except spinach of course..I made with carrots, celery, corn, zucchinis, onions, white beans, tomatoes, and dilanti (sp?) pasta.

Damn, sounds like I put everything there is in the market into this soup! hehe

trang, use chicken broth or pork ribs broth, simmer chopped up cauliflower in there until tender, then saute onion and garlic with olive oil until fragrant, add to pot, add a few spoonfuls of canned cannellini beans (the one from TJ has no preservatives except salt, but regardless, all canned beans are salty, so the better alternative would be to buy dried beans, soak over night, then cook with the cauliflower and then add salt to taste later), blend the whole thing until smooth and add pepper.

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