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Posted on: June 15, 2010

Sunday we went to church – May’s first. Should have thought about it sooner. Should have acted on my thoughts sooner. Sunday 11am Mass promises no less excitement than Border’s Saturday 11am story time. Children everywhere, babies whining, mommies shushing, daddies wandering around with whiny babes in arms… This town’s old church is very beautiful to look at, with large lobbies, soaring ceiling, flower garden, grass lawn spreading in every direction under tall leafy trees, lotus koi pond, toddler playground… Not to forget old ladies and young people alike ooh’ing and aaahh’ing over babies, and a very lovely well tuned choir singing. And the blessed AC… Count us in until at least the end of the summer!

I stayed after mass to let May roam up and down the rows and rows of pews. We went to the playground a bit too, but for some reason, I looked up and it suddenly occurred to me that I should head home. So I did. As soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, the sky opened up and pour buckets of water onto the city. It was like that last week, too, when we were at the Hershey Garden.

The rain was brief, though, and by the time I got home 10 minutes later, it was over. So I took May to Old Navy to look for some clearance pants. You know how hard it is to spend $50 at ON? Very hard. Because the extra 30% off Clearance items sale was going on, and most items in sizes xs and s were gone. Pants were like either fit into size 0 or 6! And May was being an octopus in the meantime (I forgot to bring the Ergo, bad mistake), so it took me 90 minutes. And then I figured I needed to get some lunch for us, so I picked up some Chinese togo. Even had time to chat with the nice Chinese waitress who just came to the US 10 days ago. And then I came home, ready to give May a nap and Son greeted me at the door with a worried look on his face and said “Baby, we should go.” Huh?

Go where? OMG. Yeah. We talked about going to his friend’s house to watch the Germany vs Australia game at 2pm for 2 days leading up to Sunday and I forgot. ACK. So we rushed out of the house again, with me feeding May some chowfun and chicken along the way. We got to the friend’s house at 3pm, Germany already scored 2 goals. Not to worry, it wasn’t as if we looked down and Germany didn’t score 2 more while we weren’t looking.

OK dog lovers, you should skip the next paragraph because there will be a death of a dog mentioned.

While we were at our friend’s place, they kept on talking to each other about the missing 3rd dog, as in, where is he? Maybe he’s down in the basement? Upstairs? out in the rain?? Sadly, about 30 minutes later, the wife discovered that the dog somehow slipped into her car when she opened the door earlier to retrieve stuffs, and got locked in there in the 90+ degrees heat for 3+ hours 😦 We weren’t being informed of the situation and didn’t want to impose ourselves so we didn’t find out until 15 minutes later, by which time they had the dog out in the creek and were trying to give him water. The dog was coming to for a few minutes as he tried to drink up, but then he just died after that. We couldn’t do much to help. Maybe his system went into shock from the rapid change in temperature between the heat of the car and the coolness of the creek and water?

After the game was over, we went outside to get a tour of their farm. Theirs is a love project, so all the animals there are lovingly raised for the pure pleasure of their company, not for meat. They must have a hundred chickens of all types on the farm, including cute fluffy chicks. There were about 10 peacocks including snow white ones. Ian, our host, showed me the peacock eggs. They were just a bit larger than duck eggs. His hens were sitting on them, as he switched their eggs for the peacocks’. There were also sheep, horses, an emu, a donkey, geese, turkeys (Mr. Gray is nearly blind and Mr. Brown talks to him to show him which way to go, who knew?)… May got to see them all. One male peacock fanned his tail and did the dance for her, that got her attention. The horses only came over after Ian offered them pounds of chicken feeds. By the time we got into the car and headed home, it was already past 5pm, and May hadn’t napped since 10am. She went to sleep so fast and so deep, I was able to bring her in from the car and kept her napping until nearly 7pm.

That night she slept from 11pm straight through 6am. She stirred at 6 but didn’t wake up, though I still nursed her by then because I was feeling too full.

All this is to say, May STTN again Sunday night.


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