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cherries picking

Posted on: June 16, 2010

and strawberries picking too. At the farm. May had lots of fun, but no pictures. Oh well. Someday we’ll get our acts together and bring a camera. But first I need to unload all the pictures in that camera. There’s always tomorrow I guess. Then I went to Central Market House thinking maybe I should buy a farm chicken and some local whole milk, just in case chi. Ti’m shows up with KC and AK. But we couldn’t find parking and I looked back to find May fast asleep. So I headed back home… to find no parking neither, due to on going street sweeping. So I drove to Mechanicsburg, 30 miles northwest of York. May had a good nap of 75 minutes, and then we had lunch at a very good Thai restaurant with a huge salt water fish tank. May was very happy to see all the “ca’ .”

After lunch, we went to TJMaxx, right next door to the restaurant. May kept on pointing and saying “maaam maaam” to indicate that she liked something in the toy section. I thought “what the heck” and let May roam the toys section since there were other kids playing with various toys. That lasted for a while. Then we took off and headed home, with dinner for Son (he’s on call tonight). May slept again the last few miles to York. We took it easy the rest of the night, ending with a very long bubble bath (blowing bubbles in the bathtub). Our finger tips were wrinkled by the time we got out.


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Hi Bon,

Cho lam` quen nha. You probably already knew, but just in case, Lancaster (30 mins away from York) also has a big farm where you can pick cherries.


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