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5 +1

Posted on: June 19, 2010

May just cut her 5th tooth 2 days ago. It’s on the top. I think the 6th one is coming in anytime now, if it hasn’t already. The Kien’s just stopped by today on their way back to Ohio this afternoon. May had so much fun and was an angel. After they left, we took a nap and May is still at it, 2 hours later.

Your babe is not letting you looking in their mouth to check for teeth? Try this trick: start playing the upside down game with them now. Many babies like to hang upside down, did you know? Let her (or him) sit on your lap, then hold her by her arms firmly and gently tilt her back while laughing and saying yaaaaay or whatever works. She will laugh and open her mouth for the whole world to see what’s in there. I usually do this with May down the shopping aisles or on the sidewalk in the evening, but you can try it anywhere. May is so used to hanging upside down that she will laugh and immediately looks around, at her new upside down world. That’s how I check for teeth.

Or you can wait until they cry.

AK, please don’t get sick this weekend so ma. Ti’m can bring you and KC to York next week. May really loves having guests.

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