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Posted on: June 22, 2010

Ma. Ti’m will be here in less than 24 hours, yay! Too bad we are in the middle of a heatwave this week, no more nice springlike weather for the little ones. But we got the guest room fitted with an AC unit, plus there is a ceiling fan, so I think they’ll be ok. May and I went down to Maryland on Sunday evening, and now our fridge is filled with fruits and vegetables for our guests.

May is opening up more and more to strangers. Last week I saw her mingling with the playdate friends and trying to follow them. This week she let the children in our neighborhood surround her and touch her without fleeing to me. Saturday she played among the Kiens just fine and even let chi. Chi hold her. Sunday she let Patrice, our neighbor, hold her while I prepped lunch. Today, Son’s coworker, Helen, came over for dinner and May, aside from playing happily with her, ran into Helen’s open arms and laughed.

I just got May this recliner today (used, from CL of course). Son has been wanting to get May a chair of her own that isn’t made of plastic, so he was fine with me dragging yet another thing home. And then, while I was making dinner in the kitchen today, May gave me a break by wandering around playing with various things rather than the usual favorite activity of hers, wrapping herself around my legs and tripping us both. First she was in the kitchen with me. Then she followed the cat into the living room and back into the kitchen. Then she was gone and I heard her talking softly. I looked out and found her sitting on her own recliner, pointing at pictures in the Busy Baby Book (thank you di` Q!!!) and talking softly to herself. Son came home from work and found her like that too, and needless to say, he was instantly charmed and sold to the idea of the recliner. (Last year when c3 was all the rage about buying a sofa for MK, I thought what a thing to have in the house, children furniture! Who would want to trip over those things! Now the centerpiece of our living room is May’s climbing cube with the slide attached, and the recliner, of course.)

Pictures will be posted soon, promised!

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Co’ cha.y qua OH kho^ng thi` ba?o …

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