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eventful week

Posted on: June 24, 2010

Supermom is here with AK and KC, my favorite toddler.  KC is still mad about horses but it’s amazing how she could go to stores, clutches a book about horses in her hands the whole time and yet willingly allows her mom to take it away and put it back to the shelf when it’s time to go home.  AK was reserved at first, but now that I’ve played with him, he is all smiles.  Both kids had a bit of a runny nose the first afternoon they got to York, but it seems to be much better today.  This week’s weather has not been as forgiving as last week’s, but chi. Ti’m said it’s still much better than where she was in VA.

So far we went to Son’s friend’s farm so KC could see big horses, pet them, feed them, and even sat on one.  There were also chickens and peacocks and a dog etc. etc. on that farm, so AK and May were entertained as well.  Wednesday it got hotter, so we went to Borders for story time, and then mostly we shopped and played at home.  The water table entertained the kids well in the evening, when it was shaded enough outside for them to go out.  Tomorrow we are planning on a mini water park playdate with TN and TD in Maryland.  More familiar with the work it takes to get 3 kids out of the house, we have humbly planned to show up in Maryland at …3pm, hoping that the kids will have all napped in the car by then and roughly fed some breakfast/brunch/lunch whichever one. The weather seems to be pretty foul tomorrow, but we’re hoping for the best.  Friday promises to be cooler, but I don’t think there will be enough time to get the kids to Lancaster for the petting zoo…

May is learning to play with the kids and really mingle it week.  Poor KC, I think she thinks that all we have to say to her is “KC, DON”T” “KC, NO” “KC, WAIT!”   It’s just that physically, she’s so much more advanced than both AK (19 months), May (14 months), and the cat.  Plus, she is at the age where adults need to set boundaries, so whereas with May and AK, they just get a nominal verbal disapproval or redirection, and then they are either physically moved out of harm’s way or enticed to participate in a different activity, KC gets the full lecture from us on why she should not do the things she did, and then if she objects, then she gets chided for being naughty and not setting good examples etc etc.  My plan is to take both May and AK for some playtime tomorrow and let KC have mom all to herself as much as time allows.  We’ll see if I can handle 2 toddlers.


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