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14 months

Posted on: June 27, 2010

May turned 14 months yesterday.  Your newest achievement is probably in climbing higher and higher.  You tried the bathtub quite a few times.  You are on the coffee table.  You are on the ice cooler.  You like to stand up on your red chair, which freaks your father out.  You even stood up on the coffee table, but changed your mind and sat down again.  You fell off the coffee table face first on Friday and got an ugly bruise on your forehead. Your legs are green and brown along the shins.  Days in the life of a toddler.  The good thing is, you are hesitant about going down stair steps.  When you are on some higher surface and cannot feel your feet on the ground once you have sat down, you would call for me and say “o^m o^m” (hold).

It’s fun figuring out how your mind works, solving the mystery behind the things you say and do.  Like today, I took you to Petco and you pointed to the rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, calling them all “ca’ ” (fish) even though you know what birds look like, at least, and you initially decided that the ferrets and the guinea pigs were “ma(‘m ” (animal).  But it’s because they were all in glass cases.  And so far, you have been consistently seeing fishes in tanks.  For the whole week now, whenever I ask you a question, you would verbally answer me rather than nodding your head.  At first I was confused, because you said “oua.”  If I keep on asking you to clarify, eventually you would say “oua” and emphatically nod your head to confirm.  Now I know it’s “u+`”  (yeah).  I say u+` to you all day long whenever I teach you things, so now I guess we better switch to “va^ng” or “da.”  🙂

You are more interested in food now, though your appetite is still sluggish.  Today you hardly ate anything, for example.  But last night you asked for cabbage when we were eating parboiled cabbage for dinner.  I gave a piece to you and you actually chewed then swallowed; asked for more.  Today we were heading out when you saw your father eating a plum, you said “a(n” and pointed at his hand.  I took you over, your father let you taste the fruit, you asked to hold the whole fruit that he had in his other hand, then after examining it, gave it back, and asked for 2 more tastes before shaking your head and looked away.

Funny babe is learning how to whine.  Did you learn this from your new friends or did you develop the drama on your own?  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s innate, my baby is so talented.  You are sort of throwing yourself onto the ground when you are upset, but it comes off as if you are frog hopping (probably imitating a fall) and then you would look up and whine (tearless cry).  You would study our faces for cues.  Your father tends to say “get up big girl! up!  good girl.”  I tend to validate feelings more, as in “you’re tired huh? You want me to hold you?”  or “You don’t like it huh?  OK you don’t like it.”  etc., etc..  Either way works for now, as in you stop whining and get back up or raise your hands up so I can pick you up.

You like to help and can follow commands.  I love it that you share and give willingly.  I don’t know if this will change later (probably will), but for now, even things that you like a lot and are still interested, you can be prodded into giving away.  For example, you like to play with my keys, but when we are going out or going in, you know that the doors and the car require the keys, so you always give them back to me (sometimes you try to put the keys into the keyhole of our door, so cute).  Same thing with my wallet, you know that when we are at the restaurant or at the store, I need my wallet to pay, so you don’t protest when I take it out of your hands.  I can count on you to throw away dirty diapers (if you miss the trash can, you will pick the diaper from the floor and put it in before leaving; this morning I saw you pushing the diaper once it’s already in, to make sure it stays in.  I like your thoroughness!). Your helpfulness is great because I can distract you.  For example, when I can’t get up to physically prevent you from leaving the room at the moment, I would say “can you turn the music on for me?” and you would pause, look at me, then go back into the room, find the music box, bring it to me, and then quickly dashing for the door again (you would turn the music on yourself if you actually want to play with that toy when I ask, but when you are busy, you simply give it to me so I can do whatever I like).

I love seeing from your emerging personality that you are a generous, gentle, and funny person.  You understand “ddau” (“hurtful” – probably my exaggerated screaming helped reinforced its meaning) and can be dissuaded from doing things when I tell you that it gives pain.  From very early on, you have learned to approach animals by coming up to them but still giving them enough space, then you would sit down and wait for them to approach you.  I would like to think I have taught you that, but I’m not so sure.  You are already quite gentle with cats, though sometimes you get too excited and squeal too loud while charging toward them, which makes them run away.  But I have yet seen you whack an animal.

It could be that your gross and fine motor skills are quite advanced, hence you are able to control your hands.  These days you love putting lids onto things and putting smaller things into containers.  For lunch today, you put small bits of cabbage into my water bottle, for example.  Your father tends to ask that you stop doing these things, because food should go into your mouth.  I tend to just let you do them because I think it’s great that you test how things work.  Ma. Ti’m reminded me one valuable thing, which is to not contradict your father in front of you, so I will try my best to keep quiet whenever your father tells you something.  So if he tells you to stop doing something when I don’t see why you should, I simply tell you to listen to your father.  If he tells you to stop doing something when I agree, I tell you to stop doing that.

At 14 months you are delightful and sweet.


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u’i …, tha^’y ghe’t qua’ …. ….

Very cute SM. Remind me of those charaters of Jerry’s drawing (your wedding invitation ;-))

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