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our neighbors

Posted on: June 28, 2010

First house on the block belongs to Rachel, who is my age and who bought the huge house from her parents and spent the last 7 years renovating it (all of its 3 stories!).
Second house on the block, neighbor of Rachel, belongs to Connie and Tom, who have 5 children together ages ranging from 7 to collage graduate. Connie is Mexican and up until 4 years ago, the family used to live in Mexico. Connie now does art shows and seems to have her own line of sangria drinks (?). Something about the sangria we drank today at our other neighbor’s house is significantly linked to Connie
The third house belongs to the lady with the dog, whom we have only exchanged very brief hello’s.
The fourth house is ours.
The fifth house belongs to Bruce, who is a retired social worker of some sort, and is now volunteering for the Red Cross. Bruce’s 2 children are home this summer, one back from Chile (where he taught English) with his soon to be wife, busily preparing for their upcoming wedding, and then both will move to FL where he will attend grad school. The other child just got back in from Palestine, after a year of teaching English over there, and has just decided to sign on for another year in Palestine after all.
The sixth house belongs to Patrice, nana to 5 year old Asia, former teacher now in retirement. I can’t remember Asia’s mom’s name…
Across the street from us live Russ and, uhm, whatshername (Russ’s wife) and their 16 month old son, Oliver (Ollie).
Next to Russ is, uhm, omg I forgot all of their names. But the wife is from Frankfurt, husband is an engineer who used to work in Germany, and their 3 year old son who is absolutely handsome but I can’t remember his equally handsome name right now. Too bad they are now in the process of moving back to Germany.

That’s the most number of neighbors I have taken my time saying hi to and stop to chat from day to day with since I was born. Having a child can change diehard characters.


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