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Boston trip day 1

Posted on: June 30, 2010

Arrived in Boston 1 hour later than scheduled (midnight arrival) to HELLO HOT HUMID WEATHER!! Felt like I had never left York.  Poor An who arrived super late Sunday night to find out that the apt she has rented does not have screened windows nor fans – forget AC.  After spending Monday swimming in her own pool of sweat, she went to the store and bought a big window fan for May and I, carrying that back and forth for godknows how far in the stupendous heat of the day.  By the time we arrived, the fan was a big help to get us through the night (May and I slept in very little clothing with the window fan right next to us).  Tonight is so much better, plus we bought some portable window screens to ventilate the apt.

90 degrees in Boston this morning, but in the late afternoon things have taken a turn for the better.  Tomorrow is down to hight 70’s and it will be nice for the rest of the week.  We went around today mostly indoors w/ May and then when she woke up from her first nap, we went to the Christian Science Plaza to splash in the fountain.They don’t allow diapers of any kind in the fountain, so May couldn’t do much, but I think the swimming suit 18M that c3 sent us has a built in diaper.  We’ll try that out tomorrow.  I have my heart set on going to Cape Cod, but the trip is 1.5 hr on the ferry and $70 round trip… I’ll have to think hard about this expenditure…

I tried out the bikini I had this morning and was pleased to see that things don’t look bad at all.  At least on 1 side.  This breastfeeding business is leaving me very lopsided (my own fault), so while one side looks all bouncy and full, the other side is about 1/2.  Gaah.

I don’t know what to do tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll take May to the children’s museum and pay the full admission fee instead of waiting for someone to loan me a pass?  Or maybe I could try the aquarium…  We’ll see.


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