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Posted on: July 9, 2010

Here is May cooling off in Boston today.

I was getting tired of too much togetherness especially at night with May latched onto me on the 2 hottest nights in Boston when body heat was to be avoided.  And then, I realized on the 2nd night, that perhaps she physically needed the extra nursing sessions, because she was sweating profusely, even with the fans blowing and me fanning her whenever I could.  So after she was tossing and turning around so much, I got up and fed her some ice cubes.  May ate about 3 ice cubes, with her eyes still closed, and then refused the rest.  But then she slept better after that.  I tried the ice trick for 2 more times since that night, but apparently she was done with ice cubes in bed.

Nursing beyond the 1st year is soooo helpful especially when we are on the road, such as this trip.  Some days May got so distracted and would not eat much.  On those days, breast milk pretty much makes up her entire diet.  One less thing for me to worry about.


two sunsets.

So.  Cape Cod trip.  The plan was An biking for 8+ hours to Cape Cod, and May+I would take the Ferry over.   Meet each other at Herring Cove beach sometime after 2:30pm. An was to catch the German vs Spain game after some quick swim and lunch.  Things went well for us.  May and I arrived around 2:50pm.  We found the shuttle that would drop us off at the beach.  We were about 1/3 way to the beach when I saw An on the bike heading straight towards town – the opposite direction.  That was the last of An I saw for the next 3+ hours.  May and I got to the beach, had plenty of sun, sand, and salt water. Herring Cove has very clear water and lovely pebbles.  Tons of pebbles.  The sand is so coarse it actually requires water shoes or sandals to walk on.  Next time I must remember to go up 1 beach, I think it’s Breakwater Beach or something like that.  That’s the beach I was at 10 years ago.  That beach was painful to walk on too, but the sand is finer than Herring Cove’s.

An and I finally met up at the Pier with just a few minutes to get a yogurt and some food to go before it was time to board the ferry back to Boston.  On the way back, I told An that we would have our chance to take some pictures of the sunset.  But then we got sidetracked and the next thing we knew, I looked around and said, “Hey, ma^’t me. no’ sunset ro^`i” and An looked up to concur that indeed, the sun had gone down unrecorded.

We weren’t the only ones.  Later, Ian, An’s biking companion, came up to the deck and said “I was waiting around to see the sunset, but I kept on looking and then I missed it.”

We got to Chinatown at sometime past 10pm.  Got home at 11pm, went to bed sometime after midnight.  May slept and slept and slept afterward.  I’m so glad that May does not have a fixed wake up time.  If she goes to bed late, she wakes up late.  She has been waking up around 10am-11am this whole trip.

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bé SM dể ghét quá mợi 🙂 ….Mai mốt gặp là phải hun, phải cắn cho đã thèm mới được .

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