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operation complete failure

Posted on: July 19, 2010

took May to the Rose garden today, because, you know, forecast said “slightly cooler”  WRONG.  Should never have trusted damn forecast.  It was so miserably hot that May hair immediately became wet and sticky with sweat.  We let her roam around and she just looked hot and miserable.  Rose Garden does NOT have ice.  We all ended up inside the gift shop and breathed a sigh of relief.  Then we went on to chill inside Starbucks, thinking, oh, since it’s next to the Outlet, we’ll just get a drink and then browse the outlet for a bit.  WRONG. Outlets here close at 5pm on Sundays.  The whole day just went from bad to worse.  First May could only manage to nap for 30 minutes.  Then May made a lot of noise on the way back and fell asleep 2 miles from home.  Usually I could carry her upstairs to continue her nap, but that didn’t happen tonight.  Because she had a poopy diaper to produce.  Then I was so tired and hungry the rest of the night as I made dinner while May grew progressively more tired and crabby and my house grew more chaotic.  Hot muggy summer, we will not be hanging out with you anymore.  Next time May and I will head straight for the nearest bookstore on Sunday.  Those godless institutions open until 11pm.


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