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feeding herself

Posted on: July 20, 2010

One night in Boston, I ordered a big bowl of hot noodle soup and actually ate most of it while May sat in my lap feeding herself. The two old men who sat next to us kept on glancing our way, probably expecting disaster to occur, but that was a lucky night.

I kept the noodle bowl to my right side while holding May with my left arm, pushed all other dishes to the corner furthest from May’s reach, then with my left hand holding a tea cup, I picked up a hot dumpling, dropped into a bowl full of ice to cool it off, cut into smaller pieces, dropped the pieces into the teacup and helped May pick those pieces up using a fork – all the while I ate noodles soup with my right hand and my neck craning out toward the bowl to avoid scalding May by accident. You had to be there to admire the grace of the dance.

Photos are by Jackie using an iphone


2 Responses to "feeding herself"

Trời đất, nàng ăn gì cả xô 😛 :))

ha ha, bi’ quye^’t ddi a(n nha` ha`ng – ca’i gi` ca`ng kho’ kha(n ca^`n va^.n du.ng no^.i co^ng va` ta^m tri’ cu?a babe thi` ba me. ca`ng co’ the^m thi` gio+` ca.p food

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