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a moment to myself

Posted on: July 20, 2010

The TV is hooked up.  I think the new bed routine for May now will be dinner, bath with mommy, then going to the TV room with mommy where we jump around on the bed, play toys, read books, tickle, and watching Paris By Night.  At least I’m entertained and May will constantly be swinging her hips to arbitrary tunes.  It’s funny which song would capture her attention.  For example, she actually paused to listen to Chieu Mua Bien Gioi.  She was also interested in the song Mo Khuc, but it could be that she was mesmerized by Y Lan’s movements.  By the time Nguyen Hung and Ho Le Thu sang “Mot Mai Neu Em Di,” May was ready to doze off, but she sprung out of my arms and started to dance madly, ha ha (I have watched this DVD before, but after having seen it 5x the last 3 days since I have only 1 PBN dvd, I must say Nguyen Hung’s new hair cut is serving his face much better, though the guy still makes me cringe).  Anyways, May then settled down while I was entertained by the rest of the DVD (I really only have 1 DVD = 1/2 of the show.  I need to get more DVD’s from somewhere somehow soon…).  A few more thoughts on PBN 96 – Jackie commented on the duet by Tran Thu Ha + Bang Kieu = “she’s a much stronger singer than him and it’s making him look bad.”  I agree.  When I compare that pair to another duo in the same CD, Quang Tuang + Y Lan, I noticed how much more harmonized their voices were, as oppose to when I heard BK and TTH, I kept on hearing TTH’s voice soaring all over the place and BK meekly latching onto hers, only to be flung pitifully into the outer space.  Sorry Trang, I know you love BK, and I’m not saying the man’s bad, just bad pairing.  And then…What happened to Y Lan?  Why did she select that godawful dress?  I mean, the woman has the hot bod (maybe?) but that dress can not possibly do her a favor.  You need some serious boobs and butts, in addition to long lean legs, to pull that look off.  (I’m the Rip Van Winkle in the happenings of Viet Music.  The last consecutive PBN recording I watched was numbered 50 something.  So excuse me while I watch and rewatch the only 1 dvd I have of a somewhat recent recording and spout more musings.) Son was also in the room, working on his laptop but occasionally glanced up at the screen.  He only contributed 2 comments, one about Nguyen Hung’s voice (not in favor) and the other one, about Phi Nhung’s blond appearance (“she looks OLD!”).  I agree.  I think going blond tends to make people look old.  All in all, I think I watch PBN not so much different from the way O^’c from nha` me. So` watches them – mostly to comment on people’s looks and clothes.

And lo!  The babe fell asleep and stayed asleep.  I transferred her to our bed room and snuck back into the tv room (guest bedroom) where Son and I shared a late night snack. If I don’t go to bed now, I know I’ll be dragging May into a late morning with me tomorrow.  But I so want moments like this to last, when I sit down and do things for myself unhurried by parental concerns.


though parenting is still on my mind.  I collect wisdoms to help me get through my days. Quote from that page.

“Also I wanted to share an invaluable hint for those that throw tantrums like my daughter used to and it really works! When she started to whine and cry, I would get down on the floor by her and just repeat back to her what she is saying. If she wanted a cookie and it was not appropriate (like right before dinner or bedtime), I would say “Mommy knows you want a cookie. You want a cookie really bad, you REALLY want that cookie, you want that cookie right now! You have to have a cookie!” And if she stomped her feet while saying “cookie” I would too – mirror her behavior – whatever she did I would too. I am not making fun of her, or smiling or laughing while I am doing this- just acknowledging her at her level. I really felt foolish at first doing this, but it really worked! Of course, you also have to end your sentence by saying (calm and matter-of-fact): “I know how much you want that cookie, but No, we can’t eat cookies right now. No cookies at dinnertime.” If she then cried or screamed louder then I would do it again and then calmly repeat the NO part, then walk a little ways away from her, so that she could still see me, but I would be busy doing something else- like folding laundry – and just ignore the advanced headbanging, etc. The tantrum usually stopped before it started just by communicating with her in her way. I would say, “when you get yourself together, you can come help Mommy fold the towels” (her favorite thing!) Any distraction works well too- taking her outside and starting to jump around saying “When Mommy can’t have what she wants she likes to go outside and jump around!” That usually would start her laughing at me and jumping and she would forget about the cookie for the time being! (I learned early on – to remove any possible chances of her seeing cookies anywhere – or candy or whatever she constantly wants/points to (I put all temptations out of sight!). I don’t bring her to the toy section at Target anymore because she wants a $40 doll each time she sees it. I don’t take her shopping with me if she is hungry, tired or it will take more than 15 minutes (her attention span).”


2 Responses to "a moment to myself"

Yayyeee..co’ tv cho Sm coi roi

About BK and TTH…totally agree of the unmatched vocal. He sounds like a woman..

Ahem..late night snack. Am I reading too much into this? *wink*

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