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Posted on: July 29, 2010

May has a 101-102 fever for 2 days now. This morning it peaked at 102.4.  May is usually feverish early in the morning and in the evening.  Appetite is still good, energy is still high, a bit more irritable than usual.  I have been nursing her around the clock and she seems to enjoy it.  Auntie Linh sent over a super duper adorable handmade apron with really great color pattern for May, along with another cute Gap outfit (already put the shorts to use today because I was too lazy to go upstairs for a change of clothes).  She also sent some VNese specialty vegetable shoots (ma(ng lu+o+~i lo+.n is bamboo or something else?) and, most importantly, a bag full of sa’ su`ng!  I put some into the pot of rice porridge I was making for May today and she ate a whole bowl.  Yum.

May will have her 15M check up tomorrow, I think she’s getting 3 booster shots… poor baby.  Friday is a water party playdate.  I’m selling off May’s exersaucer and jumperoo to make more room for the play space downstairs.  I moved her recliner up to our bedroom next to the window, so she can climb on it to look outside every morning.  I need to reconfigure May’s play space so that she can see her toys in an attractive light.  Will think more about it once the items are sold.

I recently finished 3 books: Blood Oath, Leaving Mother Lake, and The Underneath.  Blood Oath is urban fantasy, Leaving… is non fiction about growing in Moso society, and The Underneath is children fiction.  All 3 books were very good, highly recommended.


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