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first ear infection

Posted on: July 30, 2010

– fever 102 tuesday a.m., 101 tuesday p.m., 104.5 wednesday p.m., 104 thursday a.m. and p.m.

– brief dry non productive coughs observed on Tuesday night at bed time while sleeping, prior to onset of fever, but not a persistent cough.

– ear pulling but not more than usual, more head rubbing and eye poking (right ear infection, right eye poking)

– sleep disturbance: restless at night and more wakeful than usual; crawling around while whining, crying when head rests on the side of the infected ear (without pain meds, with pain meds = ok), lighter sleep.

– activities: still alert and interested in everything, but more clingy than usual and overusage of “bo^`ng.”  This word comes to encompass the meaning of “comfort,” sometimes she doesn’t want to nurse but still insist on bo^`ng meaning to be held closed and comforted by methods that mom needs to improvise to take her attention off her discomfort.

– appetite: ok appetite, eats at least 1 meal per day.  Asks for drinks more than usual and is being offered drinks around the clock.  Subsequently, wet diaper increases (smelling like meds).

Signs to watch for in the future to clue in possible ear infection: crying when head rests on one side of ear while nursing, crawling around in bed at night wanting to sleep but still up, lots of head rubbing and whining, ***refusal to have ear temperature checked*** (but just in the infected ear, when i promised it would be gentle and not causing pain, she let me check with the other ear). Coughs in sleep.


Possible causes:

– Water seeping into ear from hair washing – May has been putting in such a fight as we attempt to wash her hair these days that it’s tough.  Will have to be more careful in the future.

– cow milk allergy – she has been drinking more milk recently prior to the onset of the infection.

– hand in nose waaay up there – her new found trick.

– teething with excessive saliva going up to her ears??

– virus caught from other kids at library ?


2 Responses to "first ear infection"

J la vua bi ear infection tai mui xep, tear duct hep, moi lan bi infection la bi chay tuot len tai. Poor SM, get better!

Hope SM gets better soon!! hugss

Bé Chuột used to had lots of ear infection. Finally, we had to put the Ear Tubes on for her, then she got better since then. She never have ear infection again since the ear tubes are on.

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