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most random series of dreams

Posted on: August 9, 2010

Tin signed up for some sort of street fighting that has an anime/martial art overtone.  This was after some serious fight he got someone else involved in, and this someone else was a familiar figure in my dream, but now that I’m awake, I have no clue who this guy is.  He was short, and due to the serious injuries he sustained in my dream, he got even shorter.  His wife was glaring at me, saying “do you know that he lost 6 inches ??”  Why was it my fault? It was all relevant while I was dreaming but now it escapes me.

I was also living at someone’s house temporarily.  There were many floors to the house, and the house has an open floor plan on all the floors.  I went to the restroom to pee, then somehow I had to run something downstairs and I kept on peeing a trail from the restroom going down many steps to the ground floor (the steps are more like MIT building steps, wide and stone/cement-made).  All the while I was thinking “maybe I shouldn’t do this, it’s not my house, and if someone sees this, what would they say?”  Finally i stopped peeing, went out into an open park that has a lake, and sat down on top of a dike, swatting, and peed like I used to as a child in VN.  A kid went by and said “ha ha I saw your skirt flipped”  What the hell, stupid kid, this is the public restroom, I thought.

In my next dream, I had several sets of curtains, table cloths, towels, and decals.  These sets also included silk flowers.  Mom came by and was impressed by them – these are cheaply made, nothing fancy.  She liked the gaudiest set that I had, with bright coral red roses on white frilly lace.  She asked for them and promptly changed the look of her bathroom.  It looked cheap and ugly but we didn’t know what to say, it was her right.

Then I was in school, maybe high school, with Vietnamese classmates, speaking Vietnamese.  Co Hai was our teacher and was passing around posters promoting healthy eating habits and virtues of vegetables.  I commented that I wish for some canh bo^` ngo’t with thi.t ba(`m.  Then I looked around and noticed 2 of my classmates were wearing matching tops – nice sheer T’s the color of translucent sky blue.  Behind them, the whole row was in a uniform of white blouses, and a couple of other guys in other rows were in white tops too.  They sort of glowed.

In and out of these dreams was Jackie, trying to make her own Halloween costume.  She needed black knee high socks.  I said come over to my house, I bought some on clearance from Target last year, and I’m sure I have black, or at least, orange.  Jackie said maybe not today, but tomorrow she will come over after school to finish her costume at my place.

Then there was a familiar homeless Vietnamese that was somehow linked to my Mission Parish or St. Christopher Parish.  There was a youngish mom and her 4 children, at least 2 girls a a boy.  Somehow they were in bathing suits.  I wondered about them, but standing in front of the mom holding her 2nd youngest girl (also wearing a bathing suit, the JJ pineapple checkered bathing suit like the one MK has to be exact) I felt that it was best that I keep quiet.

I need more excitement in my dreams.


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