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Grandparents’ first visit

Posted on: August 12, 2010

May’s pulling out all flags to charm my parents, it seems.  She’s on her best behavior and has been eating well, sleeping well, and playing well.  My parents came in very late on Tuesday night and need to run down to VA for a wedding tomorrow morning, so the stay has been short.  Which may as well be a good thing, because I’m so used to living on our own that having extra guests in the house can be a challenge.  So far An has been the only guest who came for extended stay after May was born, and An is extremely considerate to the point of surprising me and surpassing al expectations.  After An, Jackie came this past month and it was great, so I felt more confident to host more guests.  Still, we are very different – sister, good friends, vs. parents.  If you know what I mean.  Trang probably goes “NO! I want my mom with me all the time.”  So we’ll skip Trang.

Looks like there are a few furnished rooms in Farmington Hills that Son can rent for one month.  The price is $300 at the lowest and $500 at the highest.  I’m thinking of maybe getting him a bike once he’s there so he can bike to work.  We’ll see.  Car rental is just sooooo expensive.  I mean, if we really needs a car for Son, then we’ll shell out the $1K for car rental, but I want to wait and see first…  Chi. Chi muo^’n la’i xe le^n Detroit tie^’p te^’ cho S hong hi` hi` hi`…


4 Responses to "Grandparents’ first visit"

Bòn, có muốn chị đem cái bike lên cho S khong ? S ở đâu ? làm bv nào ? More infor please. còn chuyện xe cộ, nên try thử priceline còn néu không thì lấy tụi enterprise nó cho muon longterm rẻ hơn . Cho chị biết thêm infor chị coi thử tiếp tế cho S đuoc khong ? BTW, Farmington hills and Detroit cách nhau hơn 1/2 hr lái xe hehe ..

hahahaha…Yeah, skip me, ‘cuz I do want my mom here all the time!

Trời, chồng đi công tác một tháng rồi xách theo vợ con luôn hả? Có mệt cho SM ko, tại tui thấy mỗi lần đi check up thì toàn nghe khuyên là làm gì cũng phải giữ rythm cho bé hết. Mà đi xa rồi lạ chổ cho SM nữa chứ. Phải ko dzậy?

hee hee, anh o+? tie^`n tuye^’n em ha^.u phu+o+ng muh… tui xa’ch con ddi cho+i … phi’a kha’c. Tui tha con tui ddi tu`m lum no’ ok la(‘m, cha(‘c tu`y ti’nh ti`nh cha me. va` em be’ ddo’ Mrs. T. Bs hay no’i tre? nho? ca^`n routine, con tui thi` cha? co’ routine gi` cha(‘c ta.i no’ tho^ng ca?m cho me. no’ hay na(‘ng mu+a tha^’t thu+o+`ng…

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