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tui tha^.t la` 0 co’ ma(‘t

Posted on: August 14, 2010

with so many Paris By Night dvd’s handy courtesy of Son’s salary, I’ve been watching them out of order.  I saw one DVD where Duong Trieu Vu sang the song that begins “the roi het, nuoc troi qua cau…”  I was impressed and happy with his performance.  I thought wow i love this song, and this face is fresh, and I like his delivery, and I like his outfit, cool, I have another voice to look forward to.

Then I watched another DVD and he performed another song, so forgetable that I can’t even remember it, and with a sinking feeling, I watched him doing the same arm flick movement.  I thought shit, is that the extend of his stage performance?  I went to Visualgui’s site and looked him up.  Oh, right, now I remember why his name has a ring.  I read Donny’s review of DTV’s CD.  Then a ton of brick hit me.  It all came back.  The first PBN I watched in a long time is PBN 96, in which the opening song had one guy in really ugly ass outfit and with the face and performance that made me cringe.  I was thinking to myself, where on earth did all these Korean wannabes come from??  That was DTV, ack.  Tonight, I watched PBN in Korea.  DTV’s performance was deplorable, the singing was horrible.  How could something so promising go so wrong. I can see the DVH influence in this appearance.  Icky.


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